Joomla Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?  SEO means Search Engine Optimisation.  Really what we are talking about is Google optimisation.

Is SEO difficult?  Sshh, I'm going to tell you a secret.  Google publishes it's "web master guide".
Therefore there are NO secrets about SEO.  Seriously, I know there are many companies out there, who would like you to believe that SEO is magical and mystical.  They will also make you believe that just because they managed to get you listed in the Google "Local Search", doesn't mean you are on the first page of Google.  However there are many areas of Joomla SEO which can be a little tricky.

Google is constantly changing their rules and algorithims and they definitely do not like PAID LINKS.

Paid links is something you won't get me doing for you. If fact you should never pay for a link to your site.  Google may very well penalise you for it.  Don't believe me? Read here why you shouldn't pay for back links.

Regardless if you have a Joomla website or another site and you need SEO, then speak with me, and I will give you the facts, and not marketing rubbish.  Article link farms will not deliver you long term organic results.

What I can do for you, is to help you follow the Google guidelines.  Simple right?  I will also setup your site (by default on all new sites) as per the Google Webmaster guidelines.

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Google Webmaster Guidelines

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